The Evolution of Science Fiction course

Broaden your knowledge of Science Fiction

Science fiction is the most visible, influential, and popular modern form of futurist thinking and imagination in the contemporary world. Whether you are a science fiction scholar, futurist, or enthusiast, Tom Lombardo's Evolution of Science Fiction course will open your mind and expand your knowledge of Science Fiction.

The journey begins with an introduction to Science Fiction and the course material. Module 1 examines the nature of science fiction and why it is so popular. Module 2 compares fantasy, ancient mythology, and modern science fiction, looking at the similarities and differences among these genres and modes of consciousness. The course follows Tom Lombardo's book, Science Fiction: The Evolutionary Mythology of the Future.

The introduction, Modules 1 and 2 are available for free. Module 3 and after are $15.00 each.

Each module is a video presentation of the material. Each video is between one and half hours to two and half hours long.

You can pick and choose the modules that are of interest to you.


Modules are priced at $15.00 each.
The Introduction, Module 1 & 2 are free.



Tom Lombardo

Tom Lombardo, Ph.D., is the director and co-Founder of the Center for Future Consciousness, along with Co-Director, Jeanne Belisle Lombardo, M.A. Tom is an experienced educator, presenter, and workshop facilitator. He regularly speaks at futurist conventions and other conferences, as well as at various colleges and educational institutions, nationally and globally.

Dr. Lombardo is the writer of numerous books and articles in psychology, philosophy, education, and the future.

Tom Lombardo is an awarded Fellow of the World Futures Studies Federation, a special honor given to members who have made a globally recognized, significant, and original contribution to futures studies. He is also an Executive Board member of the World Futures Studies Federation.

The Center for Future Consciousness also has a network of fellow faculty, educators, and futurists who serve on the advisory board.

Dr. Lombardo design the course curriculum for the Evolution of Science Fiction Webinar Series.

Praise for The Evolution of Science Fiction Series

Superb & Masterful Presentation

Dr. Christopher Jones, Walden University and World Futures Studies Federation

“Dr Tom Lombardo's module on the early 20th century history of SF was superb. Masterful presentation--the module exceeded my expectations. The use of cover art and background imagery were compelling and riveting. The content was outstanding and Dr Lombardo's insights into the origins of science fiction and his attention to the narratives, myths, and anecdotes about the figures of the field made this a winning effort. The entire 2 hours was well worth the time.”

Informative, Engaging, and Entertaining

Tim Mack, Former President of the World Future Society

“As a lifelong fan of science fiction, I have found Tom Lombardo’s webinars both informative and entertaining… he is an engaging speaker as well as impressively knowledgable concerning a quite complex subject… As well, he is very responsive to questions during his presentations and I have found the other participants as engaging and informative as the main presenter. And a major improvement over his otherwise excellent books is the opportunity to add a wide range of graphics and illustrations from a plethora of sources, which really brings out the exciting nature of the ideas and images generated by the sci fi vision… ”

Encyclopedic Knowledge of SciFi

Richard Yonck, Association of Professional Futurists and Author of Future Minds

“Lombardo's encyclopedic knowledge of SF is remarkable and his accompanying analysis and assessment are full of insights.”

Combination of Science Fiction with Insights from History

Hank Kune, EDUCORE and the World Futures Studies Federation

“Tom combines his extensive knowledge of science fiction with insights from the history of culture, science, ideas, and imagination, weaving stories with imagery into a thoughtful and thought-provocative mix. I leave the sessions invigorated, and thinking about what I’ve heard for days afterward. Whether you are a science fiction aficionado, a futurist, or a casual reader interested in exploring this fascinating genre, there is something worthwhile here.”

Fables and legends morphed into tales of exploration and wonder

David Brin, Author of Startide Rising, The Uplift War, and The Postman

"A highly unusual and very in-depth series of perspectives on how fables and legends morphed into tales of exploration and wonder, and then into thoughtful literature of extrapolation and possibilities.”

Best Presentation

Cedar Sarilo Leverett, MFA, Society of Consciousness Studies

"It is unmistakably the best webinar presentation, consecutively viewed or singly viewed, that I have ever spent as a participant or a viewer. Ever!"

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